YouRS Book Series

YouRS – Young Researchers Studies in NeuroHumanities


The series aims at publishing studies of international young researchers interested in the transdisciplinary field of NeuroHumanities Studies.

In order to be taken into consideration, the proposed volume must be based on unpublished materials and/or should represent an innovative and cutting-edge study performed by a scholar that is at the end of his/her doctoral study or within 5 years after the discussion of the PhD dissertation.

The publication must be written in English and will be submitted to double blind peer review.

The decision for the publication will be taken by the members of the scientific committee and it will be awarded once a year. The chosen publication will include an introduction/preface written by a member of the scientific committee specifically interested in that subject.

The publication will be published both in paper and electronic version by the 232 DueTreDue local publisher ( All the expenses (including formatting and editing) will be covered by the NewHums Research Center.

The awarded study will be announced during the annual meeting of the NeuroHumanities conference.

The first call for publication for the first book will be presented during the Third NeuroHumanities Dialogue in June 2016.


Scientific Committee

Anjan Chatterjee (University of Pennsylvania)
Michael Burke (Utrecht University)
Gerhard Steen (University of Amsterdam)
David Miall (University of Liverpool)
Hanna C. Wojciehowski (University of Texas)
Lambros Malafouris (University of Oxford)
Deborah Jenson (Duke University)
Mark Turner (Case Western Reserve University)