NHS Dialogues

The NewHums NeuroHumanities Research Centre organises a yearly Symposium (Dialogue) in Catania in the period of May / June.

The peculiarity of the meeting relies on its format: a real dialogue between scientists and human scholars with plenty of time for discussion and a final roundtable with respondents. In the last years, these series of interdisciplinary meetings have seen the presence of some of the leading researchers in the field of neuroscience and humanities, such as Semir Zeki, Anjan Chatterjee, Gerard Steen, Michael Burke, Helmut Leder, Arthur Jacobs and Mark Turner.The aim of these meetings is to achieve a real dialogue between sciences and to give to researchers of various fields and nationalities the possibility of taking part to a challenging discussion.

1th NHS Dialogue: Cognition and Poetics 2014

2th NHS Dialogue: Metaphors as Source of Creative Thought 2015

3th NHS Dialogue: Ars et Ingenium. The Processes of Imagination 2016

4th NHS Dialogue: Space and Time in the Brain 2017 

5th NHS Dialogue: What is What? Focus on transdisciplinary concepts and terminology in neuroaesthetics, cognition and poetics 2018