Machiavelli Theatre

The Project and the Theatre Since spring 2010, the Machiavelli Theatre in the centre of Catania opened its doors to host individual and collective art exhibitions and performances organized by our research group at the Catania University  and a group of artists leaded by the famous director Lamberto Puggelli. This group of artists has been involved in the project of creating a theatre made to stimulate our mind and brains, particularly in developing an individual critical sense. They begun to work at the research project about the trans disciplinary development of a new hermeneutics, involving the new scientific achievements in the field of neurology, neurobiology, psychiatry, anthropology, aesthetics, neuroaesthetics, linguistics, visual cultures etc. together with the leading group of the research Project.

The artist’s group is an independent non-profit organization named INGRESSO LIBERO, dedicated to the promotion of understanding and enacting brain, creativity and beauty.

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