Ingresso Libero

Founded by Lamberto Puggelli and a group of artists and scholars in Catania in November 2009, the no-profit association INGRESSO LIBERO aims at promoting creativity to contrast the cultural and economic crisis of our times. The association beleaves in quality and creativity to recover a theatrical production responding to  real questions, doubts and fears of the audience. Theatre is a crutial occasion to think and critically reflect on our personal  lives ad as a community. It is based on participation and freedom. The citizen is the focus of our production and reserch.
Aim of our activity is to open the doors to anyone who wants to participate, as audience or actively taking part to our projects: the theatre must become a place of communication, of participation and of creative study on mankind and of our times.

The Association does not receive any kind of public financial support apart form a free contribution of all the people who wat to support the project.
The President of INGRESSO LIBERO is Lamberto Puggelli.