Call for papers: Labors of Love and Loss: Radical Acts of Human, Plant, and Nonhuman Mothering

Potential topics: love as a political project (beyond species’ boundaries or kin-ties), interspecies caregiving/Interspecies mothering, mothering/caregiving/love and/against capitalism, transcorporeality and endangered species, nonhuman animal mothering, plant mothering, plant communication, sensuous engagement with nonhuman others, indigenous and nonwestern approaches to mothering, kinship, caregiving, decolonizing mothering/kinship/caregiving, emplaced and/or Out-of-place care (invasive plants, animals, monstrous bodies), grief and loss.

Please send the abstract and bio by May 31, 2022 to BOTH editors (, Full-length papers of approximately 5000-6000 words will be due in December. The language of submissions is only English.

For more info: